BBS Interpreter Equipment

One Stop Service For Your Language Needs

BBS (Bilingual Business Service) is a provider in linguistic related services, especially in respect of rental and sales of simultaneous interpreting system and digital conference system.

Our engagement in the provision of simultaneous interpreting system stems from the growing demands of the clients on this kind of service. In early 2005 BBS launched this interpreting service, and since then more clients avail themselves of our service.

This simultaneous interpreting system is exclusively dedicated to our clients looking for high quality interpreting system. The system is provided with the best quality to ensure excellent services to the clients with varying types and classifications. Its installation is friendly-user and simple character. For this state-of-the-art device we offer very competitive price.

In line with the rapid technology advancement, more sophisticated interpreting system equipment with a wide variety of types and classifications is now available in the market. On the other side, clients are more critical in determining their options.

To respond this demanding circumstance, we have acquired License as Official Dealer from a world-class interpreting system equipment producer. In addition, we have prepared fascinating catalogues containing the newest and most up-to-date versions of the said equipment that can satisfy the varying demands of clients.

We present various types of the new-fashioned interpreting system equipment with detailed specifications for convenience of the clients in determining their preferences. Indeed, we will undertake any measure to maintain our high-class services for the clients.